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If you are like me, and you find it annoying that PuTTY does not automatically enable numeric keypad, and you start typing numbers and realise that you’re not typing anything or caused problems, there is a feature that is not turned on by default. I am posting this because I had to search a few times on Google (other search engines are available) before I found an answer.

It’s simple to enable – open PuTTY and select your saved session and press load then select the category Terminal then Features (see screenshot). From here check. Disable application keypad mode Once this is checked move back to the Session category and press, Save this will ensure that your changes are saved.

To show the Putty Features screen
Screenshot of PuTTY Terminal / Features configuration.

PuTTY is a great tool to use and is available from: Here. I don’t know where I would be without it, well, probably using my Ubuntu powered laptop instead of my Windows 10 pc. Hope this helped.


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